ZAP offers protection like no other. Other companies offer stun guns with false high voltage claims, giving the consumer a false sense of security. ZAP stun guns are designed with one thing in mind, providing the best protection and security.


  • This might be a walker’s best friend

    "This might be a walker’s best friend. First, let me say that I have not gone on a hiking trip with this, but I think it would hold up. I love it. It seems to be well designed, with a bright flashlight at your fingertips, a metal tip for when you need to dig in, and a mud guard for wet areas. The taser part seems impressive and looks like it would help you maintain distance from a threat. Its light weight keeps it maneuverable. I don’t think I’ll go on another walk without it."


  • Protection

    "This is a great product. I do delivery’s part time and I will never worry about dogs with this product in hand. Have not had to use it because the zapping sound alone is a deterrent for any animal or human."


  • Excellent Protection from roaming dogs and other pests

    "I bought this to protect me and my dogs while walking them. It scares away any approaching dogs just with the powerful zap sound and it is there when you need it to shock when a dog gets too close and aggressive."

    -Sandy B

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